Concluding Comments

In the period 1951-1985, I served as head of the Department of Physics (which became the Department of Physics and Astronomy in 1969) of the University of Iowa. My formal teaching involved a full gamut of courses: General Physics, General Astronomy, Electricity and Magnetism, Introduction to Modern Physics, Radio Astronomy, Intermediate Mechanics, and a specialized course in Solar-Terrestrial Physics. Perhaps my favorite was General Astronomy, an introductory but rigorous course on the solar system, with laboratory, which I taught for 17 years.

My closest working relationships with students involved ones at the graduate level. The following are those who finished advanced degrees under my guidance. The first date in the parentheses after each name is the date of an M.S. degree, the second of a Ph.D. degree. Some students who did their M.S. work with me later earned a Ph.D. elsewhere or under another advisor at Iowa. Others terminated their graduate work at the M.S. level. Every one was a collaborator in the fullest sense of the word, a fact that is amply represented in authorship or co-authorship of published work.

JOHARI BIN ADNAN            (1983, ----)
SIXTEN INGVAR AKERSTEN      (1969, ----)
HUGH RIDDELL ANDERSON       (1958, ----)
DANIEL N. BAKER             (1973, 1974)
KENNETH E. BUTTREY          (1955, ----)
CHARLES P. CATALANO         (----, 1971)
JAMES R. CESSNA             (1965, ----)
PHILLIP CHANG               (1962, ----)
TSAN-FU CHEN                (1973, 1978)
JOHN D. CRAVEN              (1964, ----)
JOSE M. da COSTA            (1971, ----)
JERRY F. DRAKE              (1967, 1970)
ROBERT A. ELLIS, JR.        (----, 1954)
R. WALKER FILLIUS           (1963, 1965)
HERBERT R. FLINDT           (1968, ----)
LOUIS A. FRANK              (1961, 1964)
JOHN H. FREEMAN             (1961, 1963)
THEODORE A. FRITZ           (1964, 1967)
SISTER JEAN GIBSON, O.S.B.  (----, 1969)
DONALD A. GURNETT            (----, 1965)
ROLLIN CHARLES HARDING      (1966, ----)
H. KENT HILLS               (1964, ----)
WILLIAM G. INNANEN          (----, 1972)
JOSEPH E. KASPER            (1955, ----)
CURTIS D. LAUGHLIN          (1960, ----)
WEI CHING LIN               (1961, 1963)
THOMAS A. LOFTUS            (1969, ----)
GEORGE HARRY LUDWIG         (1959, 1960)
CARL E. McILWAIN, JR.       (1956, 1960)
LESLIE H. MEREDITH          (1952, 1954)
RAYMOND F. MISSERT          (1955, 1957)
STEVEN R. MOSIER            (1967, ----)
MICHAEL O'CONNOR            (1968, ----)
MELVIN N. OLIVEN            (1966, 1970)
MARK E. PESSES              (1976, 1979)
GUIDO PIZZELLA              (----, 1962)
ROBERT C. PLACIOUS          (1953, ----)
RICHARD LOUIS RAIRDEN       (1981, ----)
BRUCE A. RANDALL            (1969, 1972)
JOANNA M. RANKIN            (----, 1970)
ERNEST C. RAY               (1953, 1956)
NICOLAOS A. SAFLEKOS        (----, 1975)
EMMANUEL T. SARRIS          (----, 1973)
MELVIN SCHWARTZ             (----, 1958)
DAVIS D. SENTMAN            (----, 1976)
STANLEY D. SHAWHAN          (1965, ----)
HAROLD E. TAYLOR            (----, 1966)
JAMES DENNIS THISSEL        (1963, ----)
MICHELLE F. THOMSEN         (1974, 1977)
WILLIAM R. WEBBER           (1955, 1957)
JOEL M. WEISBERG            (1975, 1978)
CHARLES D. WENDE            (1966, 1968)
MICHAEL JAMES WIEMER        (1964, ----)
SAIYED MASOOD ZAKI          (1964, ----)

In addition, I have benefited by the highly competent efforts of an uncounted number of members of our technical staff of whom the following are representative: William A. Whelpley, Roger F. Randall, Robert B. Brechwald, Evelyn D. Robison, John E. Rogers, Joseph G. Sentinella, Donald C. Enemark, W. Lee Shope, Edmund Freund, and Robert Markee.

Finally and most importantly, I am indebted to my wife of 44 years, Abigail, and our five children who have provided the circumstances under which sustained and intensive professional work has seemed worthwhile.

[AR] This article originally published by Annual Reviews Inc., appeared in the Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 18, 1-26, 1990 with all rights reserved. Permission has been granted to the University of Iowa to reproduce the article on its Web site. This right is non-transferrable. Users may not download or print or mail the file electronically.