Visible Imaging System (VIS)
Outreach Activities

  1. Ask-The-Scientist.Auroras LIVE Tonight (1 March 1997) Dr. John B. Sigwarth contributed to a CU-SeeMe video conference with other live participants from Scandanavia, GSFC and the UAF Geophysical Institute. The conference was presented at the Houston Museum of Natural History Planetarium. The conference was hosted by Dr. Patrica Reiff.
  2. A CD-R disc of VIS Movies was produced for use by local schools with such events as Coronal Mass Ejections, the Comet Hale-Bopp, Active Auroral Arcs, and Total Solar Eclipse Shadows.
  3. Do Northern Lights shine more in fall? Interview with Drs. Sigwarth and Fox about viewing recent Auroral Displays visible from ground level.

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