Webalizer for OpenVMS

This is the home for OpenVMS support of Webalizer.

The full source code kit (Zip archive) with some tiny OpenVMS-specific tweaks can be found below.

Please note that the official release of Webalizer is already OpenVMS-ready. My changes are just some cosmetic additions to further support OpenVMS in some of the output sections plus the addition of all the other libraries needed to build and run Webalizer (i.e., LibPNG v1.2.25, LibZ v1.2.3, LibJPEG v6b, and LibGD v2.0.35). You can use your existing copies of these if you already have them. Just teach the build scripts where to find your copies of the header files and object libraries, etc.

The full companion libraries are also available separately in the FTP directory. They may need a little change here and there before they will drop into Webalizer or Analog and work perfectly.


Webalizer Complete Source Code

Webalizer Compiled Binaries

Related Software and Libraries

Feel free to drop me a note if you have any problems or comments about the VMS side of the product. Rick-Dyson _at_ uiowa _dot_ edu

Last Modified: Wed Nov 1 10:25:33 2023