International Sun-Earth Explorer (ISEE) 1 and 2
LEPEDEA Observations

Low-Energy Proton and Electron Differential Energy Analyzer (LEPEDEA)
Instrument Description

NSSDC ID: 77-102A-03/77-102B-03
Mission Name: ISEE 1/ISEE 2
Principal Investigator: Frank

Other Name(s)

Experiment mass: 5.00 kg
Average experiment power: 5.00 W

This experiment was designed to study, by means of identical instrumentation on the mother/daughter spacecraft, the spatial and temporal variations of the solar wind and magnetosheath electrons and ions. Protons and electrons in the energy range from 1 eV to 45 keV were measured in 64 contiguous energy bands with an energy resolution (delta E/E) of 0.16. A quadrispherical low-energy proton and electron differential energy analyzer (LEPEDEA), employing seven continuous channel electron multipliers in each of its two (one for protons and one for electrons) electrostatic analyzers was flown on both the mother and the daughter spacecraft. All but 2% of the 4-pi-sr solid angle was covered for particle velocity vectors. A GM tube was also included, with a conical field of view of 40° full-angle, perpendicular to the spin axis. This detector was sensitive to electrons with E>45 keV, and to protons with E>600 keV.

ISEE SpectrogramISEE LEPEDEA Survey Spectrogram

This is a sample of spectrogram data from the LEPEDEA Instrument on board the ISEE 1 spacecraft.

Data Availability

All the ISEE-1 GIFTM images are 1024 x 768 and range in size up to 210 kB. As of February 2000, the conversion of the ISEE 1 LEPEDEA data to on-line images has been completed.

The ISEE Survey spectrograms (like that above) are currently available as GIFTM images for periods ranging from 27 Feb 1978 (78/058) to 23 Sep 1987 (87/266). They are sorted by year and then by quarter-year sub-directories.

There are also a set of scanned survey spectrogram slides available as TIF images (505 x 773) for the ISEE-1 and ISEE-2 LEPEDEA for the periods ranging from 1 Nov 1977 to 27 Feb 1978.

To request data, please contact Rae Dvorsky.

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