Dynamics Explorer - 1 (DE-1)
Spin-Scan Auroral Imager (SAI)

Image Data

Survey images from the Dynamics Explorer - 1 Spin-scan Auroral Imager's (DESAI) Vacuum Ultra-Violet (VUV) photometer (labeled "C") are available as GIFTM images and are sorted by year (1981 to 1991) and Day-of-Year (DOY). For each DOY, there are sub-directories that correspond to the VUV photometer's filter number and name used with that sequence of images. In the filter sub-directory the image filenames are labeled by the time of the first SAI image in the sequence, i.e., HHMMSS_C.gif. E.g., the 1981/266 136W filter images starting at 23:32:00 UT are found in the file /1981/266/1_136W/233200_C.gif.

DESAI Image Analysis Software

A package of sample image analysis programs in FORTRAN is available to demonstrate how to read and manipulate DESAI images in the MAF format. This also includes complete documentation on the MAF image format.

Three different compressed ZIP binary archives are currently available. If you do not have ZIP software, but have another type you can contact Mary Rae Dvorsky for assistance.

Mission Analysis Files for the SAI instrument are now available for the entire mission. They are sorted by Year and DOY.

Dynamics Explorer and SAI Related Photo Gallery

A gallery of Dynamics Explorer related images and photographs collected over the years is available for downloading. Most are scans of photgraphs or logos.

SAI Bibliography

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