Galileo - Mission To Jupiter
Plasma Particle Investigation (PLS)

J35 Plunge Data, September 21, 2003

PLS Instrument Description

Documentation for the Galileo PLS instrument is available on-line. It is also available in two other image formats: Adobe PDF and TeX DVI.

PLS Summary Data

Summary data plots in GIFTM format from the PLS instrument are now available for the pre-Jupiter encounters of

PLS Bibliography

Galileo/PLS Photo Gallery

A gallery of Galileo related images and photographs collected over the years is available for downloading. Most are scans of photgraphs or logos.

Galileo Project Related WWW Sites

Planetary Science Investigation WWW Sites

Local PLS Research and Data Analysis Personnel

The PLS instrument team is lead by Dr. Louis A. Frank. Working with Dr. Frank on the operation and data analysis are Dr. Kent Ackerson and Dr. William Paterson.

The lead data analysis programmer was Karen Artus and Greg Pickett is responsibe for instrument operations and health and safety.

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