Richard L. Dyson

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UI Systems Architect

           The University of Iowa                   UI HealthCare
           Department of Physics & Astronomy        HealthCare Information Systems
           517 Van Allen Hall                       3281 Ridgeway Drive, Suite LL3
           Iowa City IA 52242-1479                  Coralville IA 52241

Phone number:   319/384-7016

E-mail address:   rick-dyson _at_ uiowa _dot_ edu


Personal Background

Before coming to the University of Iowa's Graduate Physics and Astronomy program, I spent a year living and working at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica. I worked as an Upper Atmospheric Scientist along with my team mate, David Clements, maintaining and running the 13 experiments that were part of that discipline during the 1984 season. I lived there from 7 November 1983 until about 7 November 1984. (The lowest ambient air temp was -104° F, everyone always asks!) I took lots of auroral and astronomical photographs while I was there and here are two that came out pretty nice.

I completed my Master's Degree working with Dr. Louis A. Frank in May 1990. I continued with Ph.D. research projects but eventually accepted a full time Programmer Analyst position in Frank's Particles and Imaging Research group in 1993. I was later promoted to a Systems Analyst and maintain all the computing systems for the group and lots of the application software. To this day, I still support the research group's servers and data analysis even into their retirement.

I am now only working part-time for the Particles and Imaging Group as their IT support. My full-time (Day!) job is with the University of Iowa HealthCare Information Systems Department (UIHC/HCIS). In particular, the Laboratory Information Systems Team Lead (LIS) where I was the Senior Systems Administrator managing the OpenVMS Cluster hosting the Cerner HNAC PathNet LIS until it evolved into an archival system on a Charon Alpha emulator for OpenVMS. I am now a Systems Architect in the Technical Operations Division, Platform Technology and Systems Administration group. My team now supports all the rest of the Pathology and Lab-based IT systems at UIHC as well as all remote Laboratories at the numerous remote clinics and urgent care centers as well as the 8 independent healthcare sites where UIHC provides the full Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for them, including all laboratory instrumentation interfaces.

flame Software I Try to Support for OpenVMS

Berkeley is famous for LSD and UNIX.
I don't think this is a coincidence!

Here is one of my mottos!

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